Trumpism and Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan is undoubtedly one of the most popular presidents, especially in the eyes of Republicans. As victor over the communists, Reagan’s legacy and impact on republican values and ideas cannot be underestimated. The fall of the Berlin Wall is not only why Reagan is hold in such high esteem. Foremost he was a dreamer, a believer and a leader with a vision.

The United States had some problems when Reagan became president. In 1981 stagflation was rampaging the economy and internationally the communists seemed to make great strides forward. To counter both trends, Reagan proposed to lower and simplify the taxes significantly which should led to higher economic growth rates. The forthcoming higher government revenues could be used for military and international programs. Other major goals were deregulation of the economy, cutting social programs to overcome the deficit problem and an open North American market with free movement of trade and people.

When we look at Trumps proposed policies we see the standard Republican policies: less government, taxes, regulation and more military power. Major departure point from Reagan is that Trump has a different view on open markets. Where Reagan stated,”The freer the flow of world trade, the stronger the tides of human progress and peace among nations.”, Trump screams “America First”. Any American should think it shockingly that NAFTA will be renegotiated on base of complete diagonal reasoning.

Trump loves to portray himself as a fighter for the common people, a leader with a vision how to make America great again. So far, this line is nothing more than a bumper sticker. It’s too early to condemn Trump for not yet implemented policies, but I don’t have high hopes. It seems like, where Reagan gave the world his open hands and shined by example, Trump will do the opposite.


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