Brexit, a contradiction.

For a country that colonised half the world and has driven globalisation to a historical unprecedented level in just a few hundreds years, isolating yourself should be not your first thinking. The wealth amazed on this global network was so immense Britain could rule the waves for centuries. Globalisation and industrialisation are powerful economic processes, simple fact is that marginal costs of a product decline in mass production, making it more easily available to the mass and so empowering economic activity. Having a big open market has it’s advantages.

Britain’s behaviour can be summarised easily as isolationistic. Isolationism we tend to see when domestic nostalgic feelings are fuelled by demagogs, difficult to control out of border developments and economic uncertainties arise, in this case immigration. But, for a country that has opened and united the world, it’s shockingly shameful that a public referendum ended this trend. Especially because what led to the Brexit is frustration about immigration. Hard won lessons tend to be getting forgotten, as Theresa May prioritises immigration over acces to a single European market. It’s a very stupid trade off. People of England: Last time I checked the world is still round!

Why is the trade off so stupid? Because there is a limit on what you can do domestically against legal and illegal immigration. We consider immigration legal when we make agreements between countries over exchange of labour forces. Legal immigration beholds, for example, polish people going to work in England. Illegal immigrants are people, for example, from Algeria or Tunis seeking to better their lives in England while there is no agreement between the governments. So, you will have only some kind of control over people from countries with stabile governments. Also last time when I checked, people tend to like stabile areas and don’t immigrate….

Moreover, I don’t know why Britain thinks immigration can be better controlled when they leave the European Union. Immigration is a global trend and can only be controlled within an international framework. In the end, Britain will loose acces to the European market and will have more control over domestic immigration laws, problem only is that immigrants come from afar and I am not going to stop them if they want to go to Divided England.


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