Putin influences U.S. democracy, Obama will take action!

Now the U.S. Democrats have lost the election, they put the blame on Russia. Though this is not entirely true, but Russia played an important part in further undermining democratic effort to win the presidency. On multiple hacks prior the election, sensitive information was stolen from republican and democratic servers. The CIA pointed this week out that only sensitive democratic information has been leaked to wiki-leaks with the goal of influencing the presidential elections in favour of the Republicans. Indeed, Hillary’s presidential campaign was interrupted many times by rumour of so called email scandals and other sort of disruptive information. Wide spread acceptance of this view of Russian intervention has led Obama to say: “that we need to take action, and we will”

What will Obama do? Take action probably means retaliating on the same level, this means a counter cyber attack is the best way to make clear that intervention in domestic U.S. politics is with high risks. My best guess is that Obama wants to hit Putin financial and personal aside the standard diplomatic tools as trade/financial restrictions, black-lists, etc. A possibility would be to reveal financial information from Putin’s economic network and let the financial markets do the math and more important, the correction. On personal level, publishing private and intern emails can have devastating effect on social and political networks. Other ways could be with more show of cyber force (put the lights out), but I don’t think the Obama administrations wants to escalate the situation. Also from military viewpoint to reveal powerful cyber capabilities for a non direct threat is not wise. So, most likely is a cyber attack on Putin and companies connected to Putin and steal sensitive and financial information. With Obama’s coming leave, he will have to act fast and this means we should hear something soon. Anyway, with Trump shaking up international relations and his good view of Putin, all will not escalate too much.


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