New U.S. foreign relations

We know Trump is loud, though what is in his mind is unclear. On every major political topic he is vague, but for sure Trump is going to shake up international relations. Thai Ing-wen’s phone call, congratulating Trump with his president elect victory was a very clear sign new diplomatic pathways are made. A bigger sign, last week Trump announced the U.S. one-China policy is not a fixed path between the two superpowers and is renegotiable.

With the choice of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State we see another new diplomatic path strengthened. Trump favour for better relations with Russia is not a secret. Tillerson also prefers good relations with Russia. Trump is clearly favouring Russia over China and will try to get economical concessions from China. How far Trump dares to go, we will see, for sure the consequences will be felt worldwide. China will not easily bent (if any, they are proud people) and both superpowers are heavily economical intertwined.


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