U.S. Presidential final debate, 50-50%

All in all, the debate was not what I hoped for. In chronological order the big themes were: abortion policies (liberal versus conservative), Russia’s growing interference on world stages (or american diminishing succeses), economical plans (Obama care, job creation, trade deals and immigration), personal attacks, IS and the economy again.  Thoughtful and well explained plans never came up, only vague statements how things will go better when one of the two would be president. American political debates tend not go very deep last decades. Moreover Trumps campaign is build on mistrust, lies, denial, hard to keep promises and personal attacks on the established democratic administration. Hillary’s campaign has been impacted by this style of campaigning and has become evenly sly. Still big political themes are easily to be identified. Only in what way each president elect will try change these matters for the better is difficult to say, especially with Trump running for presidency.

Let’s start with the personal attacks. The whole time the debat was ongoing, both sides attempted to discredit each other by personal attacks. On Trump side sexual allegations, racism, exploiting of students and workers, hypocrisy, denial of tax information were easy picks. Hillary needed to defend herself against allegations regarding corruption affairs, email scandals, representing a not listening political elite and bad government. None of the contestants made big mistakes, it was sometimes humorous and even friendly.

Conservatism versus Liberalism, or the Republicans versus Democrats is perfectly seen in American politics when abortion is a topic. Conservative and republicans go hand in hand as the liberals and democrats do. Religion still has a powerful role in American politics, especially when we talk about unborn christians. For Republicans banning abortion has been a major political identifier, they like to portray themselves as the defenders of unborn christian children. Misleading and shortsighted slogans as”Live Matter” are favourite bumperstickers in Texas like states. Trump is holding promise to those voters and takes a hard line in banning controlled abortion. Clinton takes a moderate but careful spoken standpoint that women themselves should have the choice within certain parameters.

On economic standpoints, Trumps says Obamacare needs to be curtailed where Hillary don’t want cuts and wants expand the program in favour of poor families. Trump goes on that trade deals need to be revised, immigration laws and borders to be strengthened and more jobs should come back for the american people. Taxation need to be lowered, more investments and abundunt legislative rules need to be erased. Contrary to Trump, Hillary’s economic program is a continuation of the Obama administration, no new big programs are unfolded. The one thing in common for both economic programs, is that a rise in debt in ratio to the GDP of 86%(Clinton plan) till 110%(Trump plan) will follow.

On foreign affair Trump suggests a different approach towards Russia, seeking an ending of the Middle East conflict. Moreover, Trump blames the democratic administration for the rise of IS, the loss of Mosul and the ongoing slow battles against IS. Trump portrays Assad, Putin and Iran as the winners of the Middel-East conflict. Also in trade Trump suggests America is in conflict with cheap producing countries as Mexico and China. He would like to revise trade relation as NAFTA and TTP completely.

In conclusion, Trump stand for change and Clinton for a continuation. I think both candidates have said what they would like to say without big mistakes. There is no real winner in this debate, mostly because there was not much debating. A warning for Hillary could be that people are disillusioned by the democratic appeal of change eight years ago, possibly the ‘swinging’ people are less easily convinced by the democratic candidate.


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