Rio Olympics – Sweet party

What a great sport summer the world had this year. Multiple big worldwide tournaments, with the just finished Olympics in Rio as the most celebrated. Always good to see the many nations being proud of their athletes and the uplifted sphere they take home. What a spectacular Olympics Rio has hosted, great job Brazil!

The way to the Olympics in Rio was a bumpy one. International there was a serious debate going on, and still is, about misuse of training programs and stimulative treatments (red. doping). With international prestige closely connected to major sport events, sport federations and countries have made these sportive affaires very political. The absence of whole groups of athletes from some countries says enough. Hopefully the Olympics in Tokyo will see less political infringement and a cleaner sport world.

For Brazil itself, apart from start-up and building issues, people unnecessary feared the worst. The Olympics in Rio were absolute successful. The economical and political situation in Brazil, an economic recession and an impeachment procedure against president Dilma, was not really noticed by the many visitors and athletes. Criminality rates against the visitors are low, some minor robberies and violent acts; not to say anything about lying swimming athletes. Sadly the german coach Henze died in a car accident. Apart from that tragedy, there have been no serious incidents. Though enough funny and beautiful moments came by.

The major of Rio has said to offer a kangaroo to the Australian team for make them feel more at home, after their complaints about unfinished accommodations. Maybe this remark from a high state official could have handled some way more tactful, nevertheless it was funny. Or the picture that went viral about the most useless job in the world, being an Olympic swimmer Lifeguard.

In the end the Olympics were well organised and historical as many athletes took home triple and new gold titles. With parties still going on in the beautiful and warm Rio, hopefully this olympic event set in motion a more stabile time for Brazil. Point now is that the Brazilian people should look back on a successful world event and feel proud what their country can bring. Winning the volleybal and soccer games made it all the more sweet.

Looking forward to Tokyo 2020.


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